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First Stills

Jack vs Jack

I See You

The Eye

The Hand

You Can Tell Me Anything

No, I Can’t

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1. Laurie Brown - October 6, 2007

I was checking out the still photos and if anything can be deduced from them, it’s that the acting looks very good. They don’t look like characters out of a typical posed photograph, but rather, people caught in the a moment of real life. I was also reading your latest entries about technical aspects of the process and confess to being a little perplexed – I don’t really know what ADR and so forth is. While I enjoy movies and understand the final aesthetics, the techniques behind acheiving that final product still mystify me at times. I’ve been wondering what sort of schedule you guys are on – when do you expect to be finished? You mention one of the guys is heading to California soon – Hollywood perhaps? Also curious how long the final product will run? See ya at the movies.

[Hey Laurie. Thanks for the positive feedback. Essentially ADR is replacing the dialogue recorded on location with dialogue recorded in a controlled environment, preferably a sound booth. We had too many extraneous noises to use location sound. Our shooting schedule was the latter half of August and most of September. Primarily the weekends, generally five to ten hours at a time. Every shooting day has a corresponding entry in the blog, if that helps put it in perspective. Currently we’re still gathering pickups and inserts that don’t involve the actors. I wanted to finish up by the end of the year, but then deadlines for various festivals came to my attention for the first week of December. We’ll see! As for the running length, I’m aiming for a brisk 20 minutes. Thanks for checking in! -wjm]

2. Anita, QHMotU - October 15, 2007

I agree with Laurie — the stills are great. I love the colour saturation. Have these been colour corrected yet?

[Hey Anita. Thanks for the British spelling. ;P I played with the colors a bit, and intend to do so with the final edit, though not necessarily in this same manner. But as far as strictly calling this “color correction” I’m a bit wary since, no, I haven’t calibrated them to any standard. This article on Wikipedia currently fails to mention color correction in a post environment, which is what I partly do at work, but this article on color grading is a bit more lucid. So, my answer is sorta. But every frame will go through a color grade in the end, more of an impressionistic process in my mind than color correction, which is about creating a standard color temperature. Thanks for commenting! -wjm]

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