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Screening Report: The Scene April 19, 2009

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Festivals & Screenings.


Okay, before you ask, there is nothing in this photo the Comics Code Authority would not approve. I just can’t hold my eyes open when a camera’s flash goes off!

Just got back from a mini-vacation in L.A. and the debut screening of The House That Jack Built. The movie wasn’t everyone’s line of country, but those that did enjoy it approached our little cinematic delegation (in the above photo: Chris, Cerissa, and myself) with glowing words, warm hugs, and big smiles.

Besides the unadulterated accolades from a pair of very nice young ladies citing the nature themes of the film, other praise that went straight to my heart came from digital artist Jeff Olm. I’ve been enjoying Jeff’s works for years without knowing it on such films as Zodiac, Reign of Fire, Spider-Man, and The Fifth Element, so to hear his kind words on the visual effects in Jack felt pretty darn good.

Since the debut was held at a musical venue in Glendale called The Scene, there were a handful of bands performing after the screening including Disalto. [On a related note, last week I completed some visual effects shots for the new Disalto music video “In This Room,” directed by Art Helterbran Jr.]

For pics of the event including me with Disalto as well as actor Michael Patrick McGill (an actor I had the pleasure of directing waaaaaayyyyy back in college), head on over to the Jack Flickr feed.

Thanks again to Art for setting up the whole shebang.

Lastly, if you were there, we’d love to hear your comments!

The producers and I are finalizing a free public screening in Madison in May, so watch this space for more details!

-William, Director



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