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The Enemy of Art is the Absence of Limitations October 13, 2008

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Post-Production.

Thanks Orson for the apropos quote.

Finished the third full cut this weekend. What this means is, there are visual effects missing, but proxies have been edited in; there is no music; and although each scene has been mixed, I have not signed off on the audio yet. Other than that, the movie just remains to be color graded.

Now that I write it down, doesn’t seem like I’m that far along. :(

The second cut was 45 minutes, 1 second, and 6 frames long. The current cut is 38 minutes, 1 second, and 28 frames long.

-William, Director



1. Anita - November 22, 2008

How can it be 38 minutes, 1 second, and 28 frames long? I thought there were 24 frames per second — or is it different with new media?

[What the–?! I must have been using a 29.97 (NTSC video frame-rate) calculator without realizing it. Good call and way to make me look like a fool. :P -wjm]

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