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Spider Web Sitar Asterix September 25, 2008

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Post-Production, Jack's Videos.

I’ve been going to town extending the terrain mentioned in the last couple blog posts. Now, every shot has its own needs in the visual effects realm, but I’ve lucked out on a batch of shots in this sequence. The original footage had these super-blah, empty, off-white skies that did nothing for the story. I’ve discovered that for the medium shots I can throw After Effects’ Extract filter on the footage, manipulate the white-point and softness, and pretty quickly acquire a good matte that even retains the finer detail in the actors’ hair. I am happily surprised.

-William, Director

Asterix: I guess the post title is a Hair reference.

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1. Maltaannon - September 28, 2008

I’d rather use colorama to create a matte. I like the power at my fingertips. ;) Anyway – nice work.

[Ah yes, colorama. I’ve seen folks (probably you) do crazy things with that one, but I have yet to parse that filter. :) -wjm]

2. Art - October 1, 2008

When do you Roto-Scope the Werewolf?

[After I motion capture the vampire. -wjm]

3. Anita - November 22, 2008

Oooh! Vampire — wait! Do they show up on motion capture?! ;P

[It’s weird ’cause the little ping-pong balls look like they’re attached to empty air. -wjm]

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