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WiP: Post-Art Direction_1 April 27, 2008

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Post-Production, Jack's Videos.

03_MAY_08 EDIT: Blog reader Drew [and writer of the filmmaking blog digitalapprentice out of ‘Frisco] requested a video clip to accompany this post and lo, I have obliged…! You’ll find it tacked at the end.

Last week was a slow one for Jack, what with the alien invasion an’ all.

The flick has VFX writ both gross and sublime. In other words, Damn Hard and Not-So-Much. Today I wanted to knock off an easier scene, so I chose to hang some pictures on the wall. The character Liz is a painter, as previously mentioned, and my sister Debbie has graciously allowed me to use scans of her watercolors (we did not have any paintings when shooting began). Below is my first go at adding one of them to our footage of the house. The house. As in, the one that Jack built. Yeah. Pics and a video after the jump.


The above pic is Liz (Cerissa) descending the staircase. Watching this shot, I just KNEW that in real-life Liz would hang one of her paintings at the bottom of the stairs.


This is a scan of one of my sister’s paintings, comped beneath a frame.


Here are some keyframes in After Effects for a mask I’m using to rotoscope Liz out of the original footage.


The yellow lines delineate the mask shape.


The painting has been color corrected, distorted to fit the perspective of the wall, and parented to a null that has the motion tracked data of the camera pan. I’ve also rotoscoped Liz’s shadow and the shadow of the railing. I still have to match the grain between the painting and the original footage. And then of course I just noticed that ugly cyan bloom out the door, so I’ll have to do something about that, too.

The total effect will last two seconds and nineteen frames. I have to say, these hopefully hidden VFX are more satisfying than the How-Do-You-Like-Me-Now moments. I think I enjoy them more because they’re a part of world-building.

…and now a brief video clip showing the major steps…

-William, Director



1. drew - April 28, 2008

if you can post the clip for us to see… I’d be super interested.

2. Anita - April 29, 2008

When do you sleep?

3. drew - May 4, 2008

wow!! that looks great and fitting. If you didn’t tell me that is how you did it, I would never have suspected the painting was put in post prod!! good job

4. wayne - May 5, 2008

Ya, when do you sleep?

5. BRS - August 3, 2008

The hair need urgent attention.

6. sup - August 4, 2008

hi, great job !

I wonder how you did the 3D tracking for the camera move ?

[Hi sup. Actually, I lucked out! The parallax was so low (or maybe the camera move so simple?) that After Effects’ 2D tracker seemed to work. Then I just eye-balled changing the perspective on the painting. Thanks for watching! -wjm]

7. sup - August 5, 2008

ok, I thought that was an expression trick to get the Z to the camera move in tracking somethin’

Thanks for the answer ;)

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