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Strong As He Can Be (Ahhhhhhhh) March 24, 2008

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Post-Production.

I told myself when I begat this blog that I would be honest. Well, as honest as cinematic etiquette allowed (I don’t want to wake up w/a horse head in my bed or nuthin’). So, I don’t mind telling you there are two scenes that are kickin’ my butt. They are (in no particular order) the Chase and the Party.

The frustration derives from their lack of grandiosity, which boils down to the way that I directed them. My choices were, if not antithetical to my imagination, then at least in conflict. Cutting these two scenes together (respectively) is like writing a sentence using three foreign languages. Conjugating isn’t the half of it.

However, this past weekend I may have solved the Chase (to use motion tracking parlance). I’ll know for sure once I bounce the scene off the producers (watch out for those sharp edges).

-William, Director




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