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Shadows on the Wall March 7, 2008

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Post-Production.

Some scenes I edit full-on and wrap up the rough version in an hour or two. Other scenes I’ve been laying out the obvious cuts, but inserting slugs for imagined timings, leaving the actual shots untouched as their spicy and unknowable placement simmers in the pan of my EDL, eventually boiling over onto the stove of my FCP sequence.

Junk metaphors aside, sometimes I let the scene mill about in my mind before I commit it to the edit, and the Stormy Night scene is one of those.

Last night I finally buckled down (actually sidled up to) and started the intercut between Jack’s dilemma, the late-night horror show he’s watching, and the storm outside. The sound design on the sequence is going to be dense albeit delicate to pull off. I am imagining diagetic music from the show (Horror Hospital), non-diagetic music from the movie (Jack) and sound effects from both, each informed by the storm outside. The treatment of the audio will also change depending on if we’re watching the TV with Jack, or inside the (full-screen) world of the hospital. Fun, I say!

-William, Director




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