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Liz’s New Paintings February 19, 2008

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Post-Production.

Gallery Four

Sometimes the organic nature of creating a film can lead to tough decisions. The ripples of shared creative moments on set can affect the post-production environment in unforeseen ways.

Initially I had envisioned the character Liz as a mixed media artist using digital techniques. The resulting prints, composed mostly of reds and blacks, would contain dark imagery that mirrored her husband’

s troubled soul. To that end I had asked artist Eric Bjella to create photo collages along these lines, months before the film had even been cast, or the script finalized. I chipped in, pushing more pixels, eventually posting this collaborative image a few months ago. When all the prints were not ready for the shoot, I decided to use corner pinning to insert the pictures into their frames during post.

Since then, working with Cerissa’s performance, and feeling out the subtext of the story, I have come to realize that digital imagery is not ideally suited for the character, nor the narrative thread of the film. Liz would produce more delicate work; replete with free flowing lines and gentle color palettes. And so, I have decided to use a different artist. I’

d like to publicly thank Eric for his hard work. I urge you to visit his site to see the myriad results of his talent.

The new direction for Liz’s artwork is watercolor paintings by my sister, Deborah Ann Zander.

Click on the image at the top of this post to see more.

–William, Director



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