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The First L-Cut Is Away* February 12, 2008

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Post-Production.

This weekend I finally started editing the film. My hang-up was that I wanted to do this project uncompressed to maintain color fidelity, and my flat-panel iMac couldn’t capture/edit such ‘weighty’ files. Then, when principal photography had completed and I prepared to pick up a MacPro quadcore, I caught wind of the imminent Intel Harpertown processor based on the Penryn core (…I have no idea what I’m talking about…) and decided to wait for the MacPro line to sport the new, speedier processor. So, the upshot is…last week I scored an octocore with a terabyte of storage and can now proceed. Huzzah.

I’ve edited four scenes since then, played around with the Final Cut Pro filter called smoothcam (works best with HD material, so I’ve up-rez’d the appropriate SD shots to give the math involved more pixels to calculate with, then down-rez’d the result); but mostly I’ve been managing digital assets. Now I’m ready to strap in and get that rough cut out to the composer!

-William, Director

* I promise this is the last post to reference Star Wars.

FCP Screen 001



1. Joe - February 13, 2008


2. Anita - March 11, 2008

That must be a helluva machine you got there? Does it make five points past lightspeed? :P

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