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WiP: Creative Geography_1 December 29, 2007

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Post-Production.

There are a number of moments in the film that I’m calling pillow shots. The environment reacts to a character’s state of mind and assumes a threatening aspect. I hope to achieve this using 2.5D matte paintings that I’m constructing in Photoshop and After Effects.

The first such painting that I started, as seen below, combines photography and videography from the DP Jeff with a photograph that I took. Two out of the three come from a mysterious locale in Wisconsin. The third is from the other side of the planet, taken during Jeff and Georgia’s honeymoon. So it’s all natural, nothing computer generated, with just a smidgen of creative geography.

By separating the Photoshop layers onto different Z-axes in After Effects, I can create a slight camera push that will evoke the uneasy feeling that I want to associate with the character. You’ll be able to see the below shot in full motion in the forthcoming teaser trailer. One thing the still does not convey are the pollen particles emitted from Trapcode Particular. It’s my very first use of the After Effects plug-in, and I think I have achieved the right balance between natural movement and ethereal suggestion. For this crazy project, anyway!

I’ll probably drop the spider. I also need to add life to the foreground root and change its alpha channel. A little too smooth. It needs to be more irregular.

-William, Director

Matte Painting 1 - Side

Matte Painting 1 - Front



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