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That’s a Wrap (Again) December 9, 2007

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Production.

Whew! Yesterday we shot the last of the pick-ups. There’s a scene in the film where Jack falls asleep in front of the television. Since I’ve always been a huge admirer of the original Outer Limits, I decided it would be grand fun to do an homage, a movie-within-the-movie, and I wrote up a little cameo scene for Jeff and Georgia. I intend to intercut the faux-film scene with Jack’s predicament. Ultimately, the movie-within-the-movie might be more Ed Wood than Leslie Stevens, but what-the-heck! Best of all, guess who got to play the alien? ;P I’ll save that frightening image for the film, but I will tell you that the Lyon cat was certainly freaked. Poor kitty. Below you will find stills of our very own Doctor Eugene Finnigan and Nurse Sylvia Knoll. I’m still working on the old television look, but here’s what I’ve achieved so far.

So, the entire film is in the can (or rather, on tape, though not quite yet on the hard-drive). We’ve got about thirteen hours of material. I’m interested in discovering what the shooting ratio is. Thanks to everyone for their contributions! More to come!

-William, Director

Doctor Finnigan

Nurse Knoll



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