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The Voice of Reason November 13, 2007

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Production.

Yesterday I had the good fortune of spending the afternoon with two talented and lovely ladies. Oh, it had something to do with The House That Jack Built, too!

Co-Producer Georgia ran the audio board for Cerissa’s ADR session, and I directed from inside the booth. The set-up was the same as the first session with Chris, with my Titanium Powerbook serving as the video playback device. Georgia reminded me that our last audio recording adventure together was for the quasi-animated-space-comic-fantasy Angela Andromeda, High Mistress of the Universe, in which Georgia played the eponymous heroine. That occured sometime last millienium. 1999, I think! Besides cracking witticisms in my headphones, Georgia also jumped into the booth to sing a duet with Cerissa.

I’m glad that I had three different people running the dialogue replacement sessions; as it turned out, one engineer for each actor. Jeff for Chris, Wayne for Matt, and Georgia for Cerissa. I’ll treasure each experience!

And so concludes Cerissa’s pre-release involvement. Thank you Cerissa for a tender performance!

-William, Director

Cerissa and William ADR

Georgia on the board



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