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Run, Runner! September 15, 2007

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Production.

I’m just fatigued. Today we were running around a couple forests and glens. I wish I had had the time to snap some pics, but the skeletal crew (e.g. Jeff and myself) didn’t really lend itself to such luxuries. We had some good laughs, though. For example, Jeff was doing a shot from behind Matt, the camera chasing him with a fairly tight framing. I was tethered to the camera by an audio cable. We wanted Matt to run at half-speed so we could keep up. But when I called “action,” Matt took off like a lightning bolt. Both Jeff and I are not in the best shape, and although we did our best to keep pace, our uncontrolled laughing didn’t really help.

Personally, I enjoyed taunting Jeff. We were using his wedding ring as a prop. I had it in my hand. I was going to give it to Chris. We were standing beside a pond. I palmed a pebble. As Jeff was setting up the tripod, I moved my arm quickly toward Chris and tossed the pebble into the pond. “Oops,” I said. Oh, that was good.

We snagged us some pickups for the climax as well.

Today, last shooting day with Matt. See picture below (L to R: Me, Matt, and totally natural but bizarre light beam). Tomorrow, last shooting day with Chris and Cerissa.

-William, Director

William and Matt



1. Georgia - September 19, 2007

Wow, is Matt holding a lightsaber?

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