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Oh Deer! September 4, 2007

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Production.

The commute to the house location is always an interesting one. The last eight miles or so are on a narrow country road that winds around wooded hillsides and into low valleys complete with trout streams. It is deer heaven.

The sun had just set on our drive to last Friday’s party scene. My friend Erika and I noticed the small pick-up truck ahead of us suddenly pull to the shoulder. We stopped next to the driver and asked, “Is everything okay?” The man in his 40’s was wide-eyed and smiling, “I’m fine – just staring at the biggest buck I’ve ever seen in my life!” He was hyperventilating over a dark figure in the field to our left. It was the size of a Holstein.

We left the location at around 11:30 pm and the fog had already descended into the valley. Like a good Wisconsin gal whose father hunts, I knew that the deer would be escaping the bug-infested woods. I knew where they were likely to cross the road, and that when you see one, there’s always a few more. My mind ran down the roster of people I know who’ve hit deer with their vehicle, and I wondered when my time would come? What are the chances of hitting a deer with a car in Wisconsin anyway?

By the time we reached the highway, we had seen no less than a dozen deer. The buck stayed still. I was thankful that we made it home safely and that no animals were injured in the making of this film (so far).

-Georgia, Co-Producer

Drive To Location 1

Drive To Location 2

Drive To Location 3



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