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23 Hour Party People August 31, 2007

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Production.

The party scene threw me for a loop. I admit it. Liz debuted her latest and greatest painting. I couldn’t get the density of image that I wanted. The Snorricam I tried to build for Jack’s POV didn’t come together, and I ran out of time for an alternative. Jeff and I went with plan B: low angle dolly. And the party lighting effects were sorta weird. Not Jeff’s hard colors from the sides, no, that was pretty cool. I’m talking about the mirror light that I rented. It shot random colors and shapes. It kinda worked, kinda didn’t. Hopefully I’ll be able to cut around that lame-o star that blasted out of the machine occasionally. I do have to say that our extras performed their dance moves admirably, and that was a great help.

One humorous struggle was maintaining continuity on the cloth that covered Liz’s painting. Rather frustrating. You can see one version of it in the below photo.

Joining the crew for the night was fellow filmmaker Bradley Scott Sullivan. He hoisted C-stands, played an extra, and offered valuable moral support. Check out his latest flick, the frenetic and well-groomed Stache, at Two Thirty Five Pictures. He’s posted making-of podcasts, trailers, and the full short. His driving time exceeded our shooting time, so I’m particularly grateful!

-William, Director

The Party



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