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Nevermore August 13, 2007

Posted by William J. Meyer in Jack's Pre-Production.

Here’s the weekend round up for Jack and his house. I spent Saturday morning working on some artwork for the character Liz (she’s an artist, you see). The sample below is a collaboration between myself and Eric Bjella. Check out his site if you get the chance!

After visiting the printer and being hassled for allegedly ripping off the Internets(!), I paid a visit to Mallatt Pharmacy & Costumes to pick up some rigid collodion. The owner sensed my makeup naiveté and proceeded to demonstrate its application. She was pretty cool. The store freaked me out, though. Filling prescriptions at one counter. Selling fake flesh gouges at another.

Sunday I took a drive up to Neenah and visited the gorgeous home of Matt K. We had an ultra secret meeting about a secret thing. That’s usually how secrets go. Anyway, you’ll be seeing Matt’s work when Jack’s psychological state is made manifest and externalized for all to see.

Production starts next weekend, so watch this space for pics as we begin our journey into mystery!

-William, Director




1. Patrick - August 18, 2007

It’s great to see that you’re working on another film. Seems that a lot of things are falling into place, too! Well, I’ll be sure to bookmark this blog and keep myself updated.

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